The Pocket and The Heart : A Father’s Day Message to the Fatherless




To clear the record: My father is very much alive. I wrote this for those who don’t have a father or lost their father in some way.

Thank you father for all that you have done in my life. I am truly grateful.   WE hope you enjoy this tune. Now that I have children, I continue to think of all the effort you provided to make me a great man. I cannot thank you in one day, but I hope to make you proud in this journey we call “life”. Dad, I know your Father is in heaven in a good place. God has a reason for everything and all we need to do is seek out the answer. All these holidays make me think outward, it is hard to find peace unless everyone else finds the same peace I have or more. The first video is how to make sense of slow answers from a Perfect Being in the Heavens regarding relationships with your Father. Why does God take so long? I know people love holidays and others hate them due to their sadness. I want to take care of the sad ones with the video Below.




We really put ourselves out there playing that song, but its Father’s day right? This day has no room for my insecurities, I was thinking of all those children who don’t have a father. I hope this message gives you comfort.

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