The Day Satan Spoke To Me: The Origin of Victims and Those Who Take Responsibilty

Sweating Bullets, Shooting Blanks

If you were not a Mormon, all the horrible things that have happened recently would have never taken place. Renounce your faith, it has only brought you misery.

– Satan

We have two ways of living this life:

A life of blame where we tend to let someone carry a fabricated burden to not shave anything off our ego. In contrast, we can live a life where we take responsibility which will empower us to move from our situation and from thinking we are a victim of this life. I personally don’t want to give the power to anyone else and I would rather feel empowered at all times. I have heard it once before that you can get a backdoor testimony of God. What does that mean? Sometimes before you find God, you find someone lurking that would like to enlist you in his army (SATAN) . Some people believe it’s a blessing because all of a sudden the receiver sees both worlds of good and evil as a very tangible and real existence. Others would  rather not embark in this way of gaining a testimony and would have rather stayed in an ignorant world. Knowing Satan and God exists could be a blessing and a curse. I have found it to be a blessing because it confirms what I believe, studied, and pondered my whole life. Do you suffer because you have sinned, or do you suffer because it was meant to help you grow to be more like Heavenly Father? I remember when my mother got baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I had family members say that the reason she was dying of cancer was because she chose a false religion. Was that comment really necessary? Was it true? I doubt it with my whole soul. People tend to blame when it would rather be more beneficial to take responsibility. My mother took responsibility of her spirituality and took a four your journey to find herself. She had her share of experiences where she knew that God and Satan truly exist…and they have made her a better person. Not everything you suffer comes from God, and not everything you go through is punishment for sin. We must acknowledge that we live in world where both worlds of evil and good interact on a daily basis. The underworld and the heavens have the same time to represent themselves and manifest themselves freely.

So how did Satan find me?

I have decided to not disclose some of the horrible things that have happened to me in the last three years, but a revelation came to me a few weeks ago that I would like to share. As I was praying in my room, I started reflecting on all the hard times. In fact, I started reflecting on all the people who have inflicted high amounts of spiritual pain in my life. One by one, they visually appeared in my mind and I started thinking about where I met them. What was my mindset when we connected? Who was I being? What were my beliefs that would eventually allow them to make a wound on my side? I tried to stay in a neutral mindset about them since I have already forgiven them..but someone did not want me to forgive them. Someone from the dark realm wanted me to hold a grudge inside. I have heard this saying once before :

Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies.

– unknown

These negative thoughts filled my mind and then a clear thought came into my mind. It was such a loud thought..I almost thought it was a voice.

If you were not a Mormon, all the horrible things that have happened recently would have never taken place. Renounce your faith, it has only brought you misery.

– Satan

It was not a voice from the God that typically portrayed a loving voice in my life. The quiet peace I usually felt after hearing a voice never came. It was a different feeling that made me feel a temporary happiness (since I was about to blame something else other myself, but I know in the end it would lead me to utter misery. Satan is not obvious to lure you into his wrath by giving you negative thoughts about yourself. He entices you with empty promises and he entices you since he has been existent from Adams time until now. Unlike humans who have come here and enjoy a veil over their memory; Satan never achieved a body, nor received a veil. He has remembered everything since he has been created. Only God can hear our thoughts, but Satan doesn’t need our thoughts to sway us. He only needs to review the history of mankind, typical follies,  and review the moral asphalts we tend to fall in. We are nothing new to him as far as the ones being tempted. His social experiment of over 6,000 years has enabled him to easily deploy the most persuasive ways to bring out the worst in us.

I have come to the conclusion that Satan is right. If I wasn’t Mormon, I would not have met these people. He’s right. However, since I know he is the king of half-truths, I began to weigh the pros. I have attained beautiful things in the midst of dark times.

  • I have gained peace when times were rough. I never lost sight of the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • I acquired a family that has taken me to a new level of happiness that cannot be explained, only experienced.
  • I have felt the Holy Ghost countless times and a voice saying ” In the end, you will come out on top”. That surety has pulled me through, He (HEAVENLY FATHER)  doesn’t allow me to worry too long, because he shared his visions of me succeeding.

My overall view of life is that I must enjoy all the blessings and count them on a daily basis. My feelings of gratitude have been genuine in all aspects. I have enjoyed being loyal and attempting to keep the promises I have been given from God. Does Satan not know this? Does he ignore all the blessings that have out-weighed all the negativity brought to me?

There is a great Old Testament story of a man who walked very closely with God. His name was Job. He was a very rich and prosperous person and Satan made a wager with God that if Job had everything taken away from him..he would renounce his love for Him. Satan took everything, while God remained steadfast in his belief that He knew Job and He knew he would never turn away from Him.

  Hold your peace, let me alone, that I may speak, and let come on me what will.

 Wherefore do I take my flesh in my teeth, and put my life in mine hand?

Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him.

He also shall be my salvation: for a hypocrite shall not come before him.

Job 13:13-16

I stand with Job as far as renouncing my faith. I dare not! I love how my joy has increased since 2006 and I have never felt more alive since I got baptized. I don’t want an easy life..I want to grow. I want to be pushed by the winds of Satan only to be caught stronger by the arms of my Savior. Every time I get up from his embrace, I am stronger than before knowing that it is He who catches and preserves me from day-to-day. Let both worlds speak louder in their microphone so that I may learn to discern what will bring my heart closer to everlasting joy. Whatever faith you are in, don’t renounce your beliefs because of a whisper from the adversary.


He only talks to those that are moving forward. Everyone else is already enlisting and he is not concerned with those that are already in his line. He is concerned from those walking the opposite direction. Napoleon Hill said it his own way:

In EVERY adversity, there is an equal or great benefit.

I would add : Every Time Satan provides some sort of adversity to your life, God will equally play his part and is ready to bring you to a higher level.

The greatest spiritual tragedy of our day resides in not seeing His Holy Hand because we keep dwelling on what has been done to us by our adversary. Only when you are driving towards God, does the adversary hitch hiker show up in your passenger seat. Its our turn to unbuckle his safety belt, swerve, and open the car door while continuing to stareat your destination. God did not put him there, Satan put himself there. My prayer is that we get closer to scriptures, close to prayer, and never renounce the faith you have in the Almighty. He has high hopes for our success and His whisper will always trump the one that wants you to suffer. We have a permanent residence in the House of our Father and we have decided to walk back to His house before we were even born. Keep your promise.

2 thoughts on “The Day Satan Spoke To Me: The Origin of Victims and Those Who Take Responsibilty

  1. Linden, from what I have read, only God can hear your thoughts.Their is just no scriptural proof that Satan CAN hear our thoughts and I have tried to find it..but no luck.
    I believe Satan would have attacked Joseph Smith whether he prayed aloud or quietly since he knew who his identity was and how he was being guided by God to come finally open the doors of the restoration.

    Psalms 139:2 and Psalms 94:11 talk about how God hears our thoughts. Also, Christ introducing the higher laws would read the minds of his audience and starts preaching how thoughts can damn a soul as much as your actions (Matthew 12:25)

  2. I am curious, why do you believe that only God can hear our thoughts? Do you have a scriptural reference for this?

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