Jesus Christ: The Greatest Communicator


The true Gospel of Jesus Christ has been running in blood since 2006. To add more perspective to this statement: The Lord has made me aware of my true Identity and revealed to me the path of how I am supposed to get back to Heavenly Father. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I have gained this testimony by reading ANOTHER TESTAMENT OF JESUS CHRIST.  To this day, I have convinced myself that even though the Book of Mormon , Modern day revelation , and the actual authority to possess the Holy Ghost and Priesthood, for some reason the New Testament will always be my favorite scriptures. I truly have a fond love for the Savior and reading about his 3 year ministry. The more you learn about HIM, the more you realize that it wasn’t just a three-year mission. His Mission began as soon he learned that he could be obedient to His Father and HE chose to come to this earth and become the great Sacrifice. The choice of learning that he would be a half mortal and allow his own people to betray and crucify Him would be a humbling invitation to the world he once created with precision and love.

My favorite thing about my Savior was the way he communicated. Napoleon Hill, a self-development guru and leader,  admitted that the Beatitudes is considered one of the shortest and most life changing speeches ever given in history. I would have to agree with that statement! The main reason why he gave it was to show people how to beautify the spirit. His calling consisted in bringing as many children back to the Father through his sacrifice, teachings, and by focusing on living a new life when you applied his teachings. The perfect sacrifice had words to teach which can perfect the natural man to a sanctified man that can endure Heavenly Father’s presence.

Here is my point: I love how the Lord communicates with us in his own special way.



When I was going through some hard times, I had a prayer that felt unanswered. I committed to do as Joseph Smith Jr. once did when he was calling upon God while his brothers were sleeping. There is a hidden key lying in the scriptures that sometimes can be easily overlooked. Two words can change everything in a sentence. I once met the author S. Michael Wilcox and he wrote something very interesting in my scriptures. He wrote:

Don’t ever read the scriptures, mine for treasures in the leaves of God.

– S. Michael Wilcox

Back to  Joseph Smith Jr. praying to the Lord in a low ceiling room with his brothers. Scholars say that we can assume he was there all night since it described that Moroni appeared and gave him messages all the way until the morning. He must’ve been praying for a while until Angel Moroni showed up a few hours before the sun came up. This was not a short prayer because his heart was set that he would receive an answer. Joseph Smith Jr. had a tendency to be concerned with his sins. I have spiritual envy on how many times Joseph Smith Jr. prayed for his sins to be lifted off his back. If it wasn’t for his guilt and remorse, some of the greatest theological manifestations would not have taken place. According to his mother’s history, Joseph was not only concerned for his own sins, but as prophets before him, he was concerned for the sins of the world. What makes his prayers different from ours?

It was his confidence and full-fledged faith he had for the unseen.

In consequence of these things, I often felt condemned for my weakness and imperfections; when, on the evening of the above-mentioned twenty-first of September, after I had retired to my bed for the night, I betook myself to prayer and supplication to Almighty God for forgiveness of all my sins and follies, and also for a manifestation to me, that i might know of my state and standing before him, for I had full confidence obtaining a divine manifestation, as I previously had one.

JSH 1:29


I was compelled to imitate the SAME CONFIDENCE Joseph portrayed when praying to my Heavenly Father under a moment of depression. I did not receive Moroni because the Lord did not find it necessary for my progression. Instead, He spoke in  language I preferred. I stayed praying on my bed with my head resting near my pillows and  I would purposefully move around if I started feeling like I was falling asleep. I lost track of time but I felt like I was praying for 20 minutes … when it happened. I felt someones warm embrace.  The Lord knew in all his wisdom that I did not to hear any words, I needed some type of  kinesthetic manifestation that would assist my mourning. He must have been standing among the clouds and legions of angels hearing the plea of my heart. He probably stood and listened and wondered how long I would stay awake struggling. As I write this, I picture my 10 month old son Hayden crying for someone to hold him. If he whimpers, we sometimes notice that the child goes back to bed (the result of a bad dream). If he starts crying, sometimes he gets distracted and he goes about discovering things, then goes about his day as if he never cried in the first place. However, sometimes there arrives a plea of desperation that can actually tugs on your parental heartstrings. You know the sound I am talking about. How fast do we come to the rescue as imperfect parents? How much faster would a Perfect Parent come if he heard our desperate plea mingled with tears? The more I pick up Hayden when he cries in desperation, the more my testimony grows that there is no way that Heavenly Father could ignore our moments of desperation.

I LOVE how the Lord embraced my whole being and knew that words would not suffice that particular day. Some people receive revelation in the scriptures they read. Brigham Young said he would receive all his revelations through his family members. Some people receive revelation through meditation during their yoga sessions. Some people receive revelation through nature excursions. The point that should be driven home: The Lord speaks to everyone in different ways. How do you listen to your loving Heavenly Father? Does he manifest himself though different ways or in a singular way? Do you wait for his answer when it doesn’t come? Do you have that faith that He will answer the night you ask? Would I be jumping to a conclusion to let you know that sometimes the Lord was waiting for you to allow yourself to cry and be vulnerable before he provided the perfect answer?


I would like to keep the person I am speaking about completely anonymous. I recently spoke to a friend and she said that she has decided to take a spiritual journey. She said that she has been going on an emotional roller coaster to find out life’s most important questions. She said their were moments where  she felt alone and in distress and sought for guidance. She heard a voice that said ” Go look outside.” She would look outside  and see a bright star and she felt like it was the brightest star in the night sky. She began looking at it and it would move a little to the right or left depending on the night she felt down. She decided to move her bedroom downstairs so that she can put all her musical instruments upstairs.  A few weeks later, she again started telling me about those low points in her self-esteem and this time the whisper had different instructions:

“Look up to the sky and turn your head a little to the right”

She is not a member of the church, but she followed the instructions of this quiet voice. There it was! A bright star that seemed closer this time. Our text messages had a sweet reverence to them. I never made fun of these things that happened to her.

Friend: It seemed like it was coming closer.

Myself: Why don’t you pray for it to visit you?

Friend: I will 🙂

Myself: Are you scared to know what it is?

Friend: Of course not. However, every time I looked at this star, it gave me comfort and peace. I don’t know what it is, but that voice has always been right as far as the location of that star. It always shows up when I am feeling down and it gives me warmth, hope and love.

Myself: I am guessing God doesn’t want you to suffer and gave you something to look at that gives you peace. He also knew that you would be open to hear a whisper.

Truly,  the Lord speaks to everyone in their own language.

May we embrace the great communicator, Jesus Christ. May we be open to research those coincidences and give it the benefit of the doubt that perhaps the heavens were trying to communicate with us. Maye we look forward to the way that God will communicate with us throughout our lives. How do you obtain answers to prayers? How does God communicate with you and your family? Feel free to Subscribe and share this post.







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