About Emanuel Francis Zevallos


Public Speaker. Executive Producer. Author. Entrepreneur. Father. Mormon.

Emanuel F. Zevallos was born in Santa Monica, CA. His upbringing was in the Catholic Faith until the age of 26. His two parents, both from the country of Peru and raised Catholic, showed him a faith that they inherited from their parents. As he began questioning everything; a new faith journey was ahead of him . Emanuel is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Since he has been a recent convert; he has tried to share his insights and blogs to people about his conversion. He has shared his conversion at many LDS church firesides and continues to share his experiences to not specifically look into the church but the concept of spiritual openness. Wherever this openness leads you is what he is highly fascinated about. 25 Catholic Mormon 26, his first book project, recites his journey for truth and even though he converted to Mormonism,  he respects all faiths and his friends who are non-believers.The numbers 25 and 26 have taken a whole new definition to the author and his blog fans. These numbers are a representation of a spiritual condensed journey that anyone can choose to take. He wishes that all people would take one year to embark on a highly pro-active spiritual journey that could potentially change your life. He would be excited to read someone’s conversion story to another faith if they took that dare to be open for one year. He hopes to inspire these stories to emerge through the inspiration of his book.  His first book will be released in July 2014. He is currently working on a few projects. He partnered with an Company that is currently going International with a global patented anti-aging product. He has also been recently involved as an Executive Producer for a movie called Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling and looks forward to its theatrical release.

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He currently resides in Las Vegas with his wife Andrea Zevallos and his three children.

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