Who Was Dr. Maria Guerra? :The Story of a Healer and Truth Seeker

My Mother getting Baptized

My Mother getting Baptized


Who was Dr. Maria Guerra? This photo can sum up that question. She was a radiant light and has passed on to spirit world as of August 2011. I have been fortunate to be raised by such a great woman and I have never met anyone that followed a Christ-like life than my mother. She never thought of herself. Let me share with you a quick story of how much she loved her family and her cancer patients she took care of before she passed away.

In 2010, she was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. During her final years, she was helping treat patients in Peru with a new technology called Immunotherapy. Her last resort with her cancer patients was chemotherapy. She believed in a more holistic approach and knew that an organic/natural way was the way of the future. Due to certain health issues, she retired from her twenty year practice at Kaiser Permanente. Her body was having issues and she knew that her body was shutting down with all the negativity she received at work. She was a pioneer at Kaiser and it is only now that they are issuing the “thrive ” campaign and a structure that promotes healthy living. She has been preaching that since 1980. Her best friends turned on her and said that she had completely lost her marbles. She continued going to conferences all over the world to find different ways to heal the body in a natural way and completely unorthodox to her studies in the Oncology field( probably also to find ways to hear herself).

As she was diagnosed with cancer, she made a decision. She had a team of people getting treated in Peru and this included her only brother Pipo Guerra. She kept her sickness a secret so that the project would keep moving forward.  She would travel to Peru to assist people who had no money and had stage 3 metatastic breast cancer. They exhausted all their hospital emergency funds and the country allowed clinical trials for only stage 3 and above patients. They were in the most hopeless state when she would find them. Even though she was sick herself, that did not stop her from trying to treat these patients with  Immunotherapy. The good news: some of the patients were cured from the treatment. The bad news: some were cured but because the cancer spread to a different organ; their life span became shortened. During the last hours, my mother finally told the family in Peru that she was passing away. She told me to tell her uncle and nurses that worked in the Peruvian project called “Guerra One Source” to keep my uncle down there. “He is the only one who knows how to use the laser properly” remarked my mother. My uncle heard last second that she was passing away and before he could even leave the airport..she passed away. Why would my mother do that?  She cared for those that were dying and she knew that her brother was in good health to help them. This is who my mother was. A servant of the world and a humanitarian who never wanted any recognition. She once told me ” Emanuel, never think about money, just serve. Once you serve thousands of people, you will be taken care of.”

Before she passed away, she called me “Pasitas” (which means small raisin in Spanish). She didn’t say much to me before she passed away, but she did walk over to me while I was sleeping and put a blanket over me. Even until the end, she didn’t think about herself. She always thought of others and she knew that brought her happiness.

As she was treating patients, some of them passed away. She would tell me how much it affected her when they would leave this world. She wanted to heal them so badly. She needed to find a way to enhance her spirituality. She had a library of books involving different types of beliefs. She was a Roman Catholic, but she knew that it didn’t get her the answers to heal the dying patient. After she found Mormonism, she knew exactly where people go after they pass away referencing the words of Christ. She found peace herself before she passed away and it was a way of healing the patients from the inside. She was a healer in all senses and anything that could assist her practice was fair game for her. Before she passed away, she not only converted to the Mormon faith, but she attended the temple. No one knows her conversion story…until now. I am so blessed to be able to be a fly on the wall as she researched Mormonism for 4 years.  Her testimony was real and her conversion was real. I WILL BE SHARING THE MOST DETAILED ACCOUNT OF HER CONVERSION STORY in the book I just finished writing called  25Catholic Mormon26. This book will be released this summer 2014.

I wanted to share a video my friend Robby Wiltsey and I created. After my mother passed away, I tried to salvage the projects in Peru. This was a video documentary trailer I made about her. Her quote in the beginning shows a life of service. She was a truth seeker in all areas. Her favorite truth of our faith was that we could be together in Heaven as a sealed family unit. She loved hearing that and it gave her comfort as she crossed over. Thanks mother for leaving such a great imprint on this world.


Feel free to leave a comment or question. Did this video enhance the spirit of this blog post? Did you know Maria Guerra personally? Do you know someone who acts selflessly all the time? How have they impacted your life? Start a Discussion and lets chat about it. I answer every question posted and appreciate all your comments on a personal level. Thanks for being you! Hope you enjoy this trailer.



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